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Kidztown's Board of Directors

Rev. Rose Brower-Young
Executive Director

Mr. Mark Crawford
Independent Business Owner

Mr. Rick Henders
Independent Business Owner

Mr. Curtis Newsham
Independent Business Owner

Rev. Bryan Roller

Mr. Mark Snyder
Registered Psychologist


Mr. Matthew Burns
Program Director

Mrs. Sheri Lynne Martin
International Community Development Coordinator

Charitable Number

Kidztown's charitable status number is BN85733 0476 RR 0001

Kidztown's Summer Program

Kidztown's Summer Program is a fast-paced, high energy portable kidz program that reinforces the values and morals taught in the home, in a way that kidz enjoy and understand.

The program is built around stories, music, puppets, magic, stunts, unicycling and lots of fun! It is taken to communities during the week with a van and stage trailer.

Kidztown growth has been phenomenal. The first traveling shows were seen by about 300 kidz in the summer. Since then, we have had summers with over 3000 kids in attendance!

To find the nearest Kidztown Summer Program to you, click here!

How does it work?

"I wish there were more programs offered like this that I could bring my kids to."

- "Mark", Kidztown Summer Parent

The Kidztown team arrives thirty minutes early to set up and play field games with the kidz that have arrived.

A thirty minute, action-packed puppet show is presented, based around good morals.

After the show, the kidz are invited to try juggling and unicycling, play with the parachute and enjoy other games with the team.

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