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Kidztown's Board of Directors

Rev. Rose Brower-Young
Executive Director

Mr. Mark Crawford
Independent Business Owner

Mr. Rick Henders
Independent Business Owner

Mr. Curtis Newsham
Independent Business Owner

Rev. Bryan Roller

Mr. Mark Snyder
Registered Psychologist


Mr. Matthew Burns
Program Director

Mrs. Sheri Lynne Martin
International Community Development Coordinator

Charitable Number

Kidztown's charitable status number is BN85733 0476 RR 0001

Interested in starting Kidztown?

Kidztown began in 1995 as a way to help one church build a relevant and positive relationship with their city. Since then, Kidztown has been reproduced in many areas across Canada and around the world! We offer four programs to help you make a difference in your community. Click on a program below to learn more.

How does Kidztown work?

Kidztown revolves around three core principles.


We want your program to be so impressive that when people walk away, they are saying, "Wow!"


The wow factor will draw people in, the relationships made will make the biggest difference.


To really change the world, you cannot just make a difference. You need to train people how to make a difference. This is why investing in youth is a key component in Kidztown.

What are the benefits to being a Kidztown member?

  • The licensed rights to use the Kidztown name and our key Kidztown characters.
  • A weekend training event, hosted at your church.
  • Many essential tools that will help you in your ministry, such as unicycles, puppets, juggling equipment, Kidztown t-shirts, and more.
  • Your own kidztown email address and page on the kidztown website (eg. www.kidztown.net/yourchurchname) that is fully customisable for the Kidztown programs you choose to offer, and any upcoming Kidztown events you may have.
  • A set of professional Kidztown business cards, tailored to your location.
  • A discount for the various training events Kidztown offers each year. (www.kidztown.net/training)
  • Unlimited and unrestricted access to the Kidztown Leader's Zone (www.kidztown.net/resources). This is an ever growing online resource library of Kidztown Kurriculum, training videos, song resources, and much more.

If you are interested in starting Kidztown, please contact the Kidztown Office. We would be happy to help you in reaching the families in your community.