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Kidztown's Board of Directors

Rev. Rose Brower-Young
Executive Director

Mr. Mark Crawford
Independent Business Owner

Mr. Rick Henders
Independent Business Owner

Mr. Curtis Newsham
Independent Business Owner

Rev. Bryan Roller

Mr. Mark Snyder
Registered Psychologist


Mr. Matthew Burns
Program Director

Mrs. Sheri Lynne Martin
International Community Development Coordinator

Charitable Number

Kidztown's charitable status number is BN85733 0476 RR 0001

Kidztown Klub

Want to grow in character and leadership? Kidztown Klub members have had training in etiquette, time management, and goal setting.

Or perhaps you would you like to learn juggling, unicycling, puppetry, illusions and more? Sign up for Kidztown Klub! Team members are from 9 years to adults. We have a lot of fun playing unicycle hockey and basketball, meeting with other Kidztown teams for competition in puppetry or juggling BUT most of all we teach members how to become spiritual champions!

To find the nearest Klub to you, click here!

How does it work?

""Klub is an awesome place to grow and learn insane new things!"

- Rick, Kidztown Klubber since 2004

The youth come together for icebreaker and team building group games.

Intentional time is spent developing unique skills, ranging from unicycling, juggling, puppetry, magic, balloon animals, and more!

The youth regroup to take part in a practical life lessons revolving around money management, conflict resolution, goal setting, and much more.

For more information about our other programs, click below.