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Kidztown's Board of Directors

Rev. Rose Brower-Young
Executive Director

Mr. Mark Crawford
Independent Business Owner

Mr. Rick Henders
Independent Business Owner

Mr. Curtis Newsham
Independent Business Owner

Rev. Bryan Roller

Mr. Mark Snyder
Registered Psychologist


Mr. Matthew Burns
Program Director

Mrs. Sheri Lynne Martin
International Community Development Coordinator

Charitable Number

Kidztown's charitable status number is BN85733 0476 RR 0001

What is Kidztown?

Kidztown is a fast paced, high energy method of presenting timeless morals and values to children in a way they understand and enjoy! Take Sesame Street©, Sunday School and the circus - bring them together and you have Kidztown!

We offer four programs to help people make a difference in their communities. Click on a program below to learn more.

Where is Kidztown?

Since Kidztown's launch in 1995, it has quickly spread to cities all over western Canada. Kidztown made its first overseas trip to Ghana, Africa in 2004 and is now equipped with an effective strategy for reproducing itself in communities around the world. Our latest international venture has brought Kidztown to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Kidztown has now travelled to nine countries and has trained leaders in eight!

If your group is thinking of taking a short-term service trip overseas and would like to partner with Kidztown, please contact us. For ways you can contribute financially, click here to read about fundraising opportunities.


Sensing a need to support parents in raising their children, Kelly Brower founded Kidztown in 1995. Kelly had a vision to build Kidztown to a point where there was a strong supportive Kidztown outreach in every city in Canada! Kelly's dream was that Kidztown would reach out to children and families with the message that they are important and have purpose, and that literally thousands of families would find strong support in their journey!

Kelly Brower had a strong passion for raising Canadian kidz into spiritual champions. His passion was well defined, focused, and evident. Kidztown quickly spread across Western Canada after its launch. Yet, somehow, a dream of taking Kidztown to Africa also lingered in his heart. In 1997, Kelly began to pursue his dream of taking Kidztown across the Atlantic Ocean. But plans fell through. In 2004, circumstances led to a re-awakening of possibilities in that beautiful continent. Tickets were purchased, immunizations were taken - but his dream remained unfulfilled due to his sudden passing. Sadly, Kelly Brower passed away August 3, 2004, at the age of 36 from a heart attack. Mr. Matt Burns and Ms. Shauntelle Klassen graciously stepped in and took over preparations for Kidztown Africa.

His dream to influence families and their kidz in a positive way continues to grow as new organizations, both in Canada, and around the world, embrace Kidztown to help support the families in their communities. Rose Brower, Kelly's wife, stepped into the directorship of Kidztown and has seen Kelly's dream grow and change people's lives.

In 2011, Matt Burns stepped into a full time position with Kidztown International. Matt has been with Kidztown since 1995 and has grown from a child participating in the program to someone excited about the vision. He is passionate about making a difference in the lives around him and we are looking forward to what he will bring to Kidztown.